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Lord Madhaba (Utsav Murthi of Lord Jagannath)   Lord Kasi Viswanath

DAKSHINAKSHETRA situated on the seashore of Kanathur Reddykuppam (before Mayajaal and after Toll plaza on the ECR ) is unique in many respects. Its serene and peaceful environment amidst green lawns and flower gardens Is already a special attraction for all spiritual seekers. The lofty granite shrine, In Orissan architectural style and dedicated to LORD Jagannath,along with Other six shrines (Ganesh , Siva , Lakishmi , Vimala , Navagraha and Yajna Nursingha) overlooks the sea in awe-inspiring splendor. A marble floored meditation hall and an open Yajna mandap are added advantages. A unique union of three auspicious trees ( Neen , Banian and Pipal ) , standing in the middle of Vahana-mandap next to the Vinayaka Shrine is believed to have divine sanction as Kalpataru.

Dasha Digapala Yantra (Cealing Art 1)   Anantha Sayana (Cealing Art 2)


Vahana Mandapa Kalpataru   Navagraha



Bata Ganesha   Ma Bimala   Yajna Nursingha   Devi Lakshmi


Lord Kasi Viswanath   Jaya   Baraha Avatar   Bijaya