The Trust

Ours is a registered public and charitable trust engaged actively to serve the society and mankind at large in the fields of spirituality, education, cultural and philanthropic services.

The trust seeks cooperation and help from all devotees and like –minded organizations and Philanthropic public. In addition to the daily pujas and rituals at the seven shrines of the complex, Annadanam and periodic health camps are also organized for the benefit of the people. Satsang and cultural programmes are regular features in the complex.

A special effort was made this year to help the tsunami affected public by conducting special health camps and distributing relief materials.

The Trust Publishes a bi monthly(spiritual) bulletin titled “DAKSHINAKSHETRA News” for free distribution among the devotees and visitors to the complex.Further the trust has undertaken four big projects:

A water tank lotus shaped, on ornamental Ratha (Chariot) for lord’s car festival, A monolithic decorative deepa/dhwaja sthambha in black granite and electrification and illumination of the whole complex. 

The Trust totally depends on donations and cooperation of the philanthropic public for meeting the growing needs for maintenance of the complex as well as for its infrastructural developments. The steep reduction in interest rates requires that the corpus funds increase significantly to maintain the current level of activities. The trust would be happy to provide any additional information. The Trustees make this humble appeal to all prospective donors, well wishers devotees and benevolent friends to contribute generously for the noble cause and activities of this unique complex dedicated to Lord Jagannath  swamy.

The Trustees

Chairman Emeritus,

Sankara Nethralaya
Dept.Of Mathematics, IIT Madras
(Managing Trustee)

Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar
Mr.Ravee Malhothra,
Social Worker & Philanthropist
The Utkal Association of Madras