Donations Schemes

Devotees are requested to participate in the celebrations, in large numbers and invoke the blessings of Lord jagannath Lord Viswanath. They may also sponsor one or more of the following donation schemes.

Donor's Marble Plaque in the place of his choice Rs. 1,00,000.00
Memorial Marble plaque on any 22 steps (one side) Rs. 50,000.00
Ratha Yatra Decorations Rs. 20,000.00
Vesha Bhusana (Ceremonial Costumes) Rs. 15,000.00
Narayana Seva (Annadanam) Rs. 15,000.00
Homam & Yajna Rituals Rs. 10,000.00
Memorial Marble plaque on the parikrama Rs. 10,000.00
Annadanam for 9 persons on a specific day (as per the doner's wish) Every year. Rs. 10,008.00
Pooja expenses endowment for only specific day Rs. 10,008.00
For conducting social functions (Marriage, Betrothal, Thread cremony, Sashti Purthi, etc) Rs. 5,400.00
Special Kumbha for abhishekam Rs. 5,001.00
Ekantha Seva Rs. 3,600.00
One time Prasad(morning/evening) distribution Rs. 1,008.00
Sankalpa Kumbha Rs. 1,001.00
Lalitha Sahasranama Kuthuvilakku Puja Rs. 504.00
One time Special Archana Rs. 501.00

All donations to sri jagannath spiritual educational cultural trust are exempted from income tax under section 80G.

For further details please contact.